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EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler

EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler

  • EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler
  • EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler
EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: zzlinker
Certification: CE/ISO/FDA
Model Number: LK-F13L
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 5pcs/carton, 60*40*33cm G.W. 14KG
Delivery Time: 3000pcs per month
Payment Terms: TT, , Money Gram, RMB, D/P, D/A, L/C
Supply Ability: 3-7 working days
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Detailed Product Description
Item Name: LK-F13L LED Light EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable Dental Ultrasonic Scaler Output Power: 3-20W
Main Unit Input: ~24V 50Hz ± 1Hz 1.3A Handpiece: LED/Detachable
Frequency: 30±3KHz Tips: G1*2, G2, G4, P1
High Light:

30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler


EMS Portable Ultrasonic Scaler


30KHz woodpecker dental scaler

LK-F13L LED Light EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable Dental Ultrasonic Scaler
This product is used for teeth cleaning and also an important device for teeth disease prevention and treatment. The ultrasonic scaler is composed of main unit, handpiece, cable, water pipe, tip, torque wrench, foot switch and power supply.
The ultrasonic tooth scaler Technical Datas

Power source 220V/110V
Main unit input 24V 50Hz ± 1Hz 1.3A
Output power 3~20W
Frequency 28±3KHz
Half excursion force 0.1N-2N
Weight 0.75kg
Handpiece Model HP-5L
Water pressure:  0.1bar~5bar(0.01MPa~0.5MPa)
Compatible Brand


EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler 0
Detachable handpiece, with LED light
6 Colors Option: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue,Green, Purple
Scaling and Perio Function included
Compatible with EMS and UDS
Automatic frequency tracking
Accurate feedback control and constant power output, ensure a more
comforatble feeling to patients.


EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler 1
Packing Information:
Packing: 5pcs/carton
Carton Size: 60*40*33/cm
EMS / Woodpecker Compatiable 30KHz Portable Ultrasonic Scaler 2
1 The ultrasonic scaler worked fine before. But recently, power decreased obviously. What is the reason?
First, check if ther is water or stains in the connection between handpiece and cable. The water or stains will cause electricity leakage, generate heat, decrease tip vibration, even stop water atomizing properly. So, it is very important to make sure cable and scaler dry before usage.
Solution: Dry handpiece and cable connector. Moist the two O rings of the connector with a drop of clean water, then connect. Power should be recovered mostly.
2 Handpiece cable connector is quite clean. But the power is still very weak. What is the reason?
First, check if the tip is well screwed into the handpiece
If the tip is not connecting well, vibration cannot be passed to it. Even you switch the power to max, tip is still very weak. Atomizing is bad. Heat will also be generated because of rub from handpiece and tip.
Solution: Screw the tip tightly. Before you screw the tip, you need to unscrew it and clean the dirt around screws with alcohol cotton. The dirt will also make tip loose. After that, screw the tip tightly. Power will be recovered.
3 Why does the scaler tip become loose?
The tip is vibrating during working. It will be loose after a long time vibrating. In fact, being loose is normal phenomenon.
4 Why my scaler tips always loosen? Sometimes it can’t even treat one patient!
The tip is not screwed tightly. Generally there are two reasons:
One: there is dirt between the screw thread of tips and handpiece.
Two: Tip is not screwed tightly enough. You should screw it more with torque wrench.
5 How do I know I use proper power to screw it?
Torque wrench should be used to screw the tips.
6 While handpiece connector is clean, and scaler tip is screwed tightly,
however, tip vibration is still very weak. And water spray is weak, too. Why?
A. Scaler tip might be cracked. Generally, new scaler tip has good performance. So it works fine even if you switch the power into low stage. If you switch the power to higher stage when you use new tip, tip get worn very fast. So please switch to low power stage when you use a new tip. As the tip get worn slowly, just increase power accordingly. In this way, the tip can be used longer while operators will not feel tip vibration get weaker.
B. Scaler tip is worn too much. As scaler tip gets worn gradually, power stage has to be increased accordingly. After the power stage is increased to max, the tip will get worn further, and there is no way to compensate the vibration further. Vibration will be weaker and weaker. The final and easy solution is to change a new tip.
7 Both vibration and water spray are good, but you can feel scaler tip is heat when you touch it. Is this a problem?
No, it is not a problem. As the scaler is driven by ultrasound, the tip vibrates, which generate hole effect. Hole effect from vibration will clean stains and calculus fast. It is noticed that the calculus is not scaled by scaler, but moved by vibration. Nerves of gingival, lips, fingers etc can feel heat or hurt during vibration. That is the reason. Generally, it will not burn people. Heat from finger proves that scaler tip’s power, not problem.
8 The machine works fine. But scaler handpiece connector is full of rust. Will this bring trouble to machine itself?
Yes. This connector is to transfer water and electricity. Little rust will not make any influence. Too much rust will not only affect circulation of electricity, but also cause electricity leakage, even burn the whole circuit.
9 How to avoid the rusting of the scaler handpiece connector?
A: Make the scaler handpiece connector dry with 3 way syringe. Then put one drop of water into the rubber O ring.
B: Please make sure waterproof cover buckled to prevent the disinfectant corrode metal parts when the handpiece are disinfecting.
10 The scaling tip doesn’t vibrate but there is water flowing out when stepping on the switch. And sometimes the tips will not vibrate until you touch it.
Solution: Please use compatible scaler tips.


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